Drawing Project Series, online workshops with Jody Graham.

Learn to draw unique expressive portraits with easy to follow techniques for beginners and intermediate students.

Jody Graham_online drawing course

Join 2018 Artist in Residence Jody Graham for this online workshop structured for beginners and intermediate students that can be done at your own pace. The minimum suggested time requirement is 3 hours, however It’s recommended that you take longer to repeat, enjoy and fine tune your drawing techniques. 

For Beginners,
 watch all videos, starting at 'Before you Begin', through to Step 1 - 6, use the knowledge gained in these videos to assist you with the Drawing Project Series in this course.
For Intermediate students, who already understand the basics of drawing a portrait, use the 'Drawing Project Series' as a starting point to develop a suite of sensitive expressive drawings.

Suggested materials:
2B, 4B or 6B pencil, A4 Paper, Eraser, Sharpening knife and or a Sharpener. Optional: other pencils, pens, charcoals or similar to draw with and other supports, including larger scale paper or similar.

Tips to remember throughout the course:
•    These videos are a guide only, modify to suit your approach, style and subject.
•    Videos in this course are made under 1 minute for uploading efficiency. It’s not necessary to be as quick as demonstrated, take your time and enjoy the experience.
•    Work loosely.
•    It can help to imagine what’s under the skin, the structure of the skull.
•    Work big shapes first before you get to the details.
•    Common mistakes can be made by placing eyes higher on the head, with eye and neck spacing too close, thin or wide. 
•    Previous line work will add a history of mark making to a drawing.
•    Different tooth papers give different results. Practice on a few different paper surfaces to discover what appeals to you.

Instructions: Learn how to draw an Expressive Portrait

Instructions: Learn how to create Expressive Drawings





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